15 Colors Dog Leash

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100% new quality
Super strong, not hairy, not pressed hair, does not affect hair growth. Can be adjusted according to the dog's neck to the best size, with P chain effect. Suitable for golden hair, Allah, Satsuma, Husky, Germany, animal husbandry, big white bear, loose lion, Labrador and other large dogs,

S suitable for weight 8-15 pounds
M-suitable weight 20-40 pounds
L-suitable weight 50-70 pounds
XL - suitable for weight 70-100 pounds
Material: nylon
1, nylon material, has always been very strong, the collar with the traction package more value, but also very convenient, suitable for 5-100 pounds of dogs, small and medium-sized dogs, put him, disdain for the world, a sense of domineering Yeah
2, the material is nylon Oh, leather smooth and smooth, plump texture, the delicate, high-end appearance of quality, touch the texture of solid and flexible!
3, traction rope is made of eight strands of Oh, rough crazy rustic feeling, and this method to make the traction rope more solid, how twisted will not break it.

Package Included:
1 * pet traction rope
1 * pet collar

15 Colors Dog Leash