We have a love for dogs and want to share all the great products available with dog lovers everywhere!

Max and Maci are rescued dogs. Maci is the oldest, the big sister, and she came from Colorado! Although little in stature, her heart is huge, and she could tackle the mountains of Colorado on hikes and filling the region with love with everyone she met. She is getting older now, and prefers to spend her time resting on the couch, watching her younger 'brother' play. That would be Max.

Max is a bit bigger, and he was rescued from a wonderful facility in southern California that specializes in rescuing Chihuahuas. He is only a few years old and keeps the rest of the family laughing with his silly tricks and mischievous play. 

We love them both so much, and want to share that love with everyone that finds pets to be a source of companionship and understands that these living beings deserve our love and attention. 

We donate to agencies and groups upon request, so if you have someone that has a pet in need, or have an agency that you have found does good work, please let us know so we can do our part in paying all this love forward!

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